Monday, December 31, 2012


A photo of sunset in India taken by my mom...She, too, felt the beauty of India.

It was on this evening, New Year's Eve, three years ago...I was having my nails painted...when the woman asked me, "What are your plans for this evening?"   I smiled, with a bit of disbelief and tons of excitement,
He took my hand and
our dreams came to life...Together.

                          "I'm going to India..."  

It was a journey to celebrate my recent marriage to my wonderful husband...Sumit. It was an experience that  unexpectably offered new paths for my life and my family's life-Pyar&Co.

The moments that occured on this trip are countless...What was to be simple---was striking.  I tried to take the experiences in....each moment leapt off of the smallest of elements...whether they intended to be noticed or not...I couldn't seem to gather each thought; each thread; or even a bead fast enought!  

My thoughts were like the fireworks of New Year's Eve bursting in the sky. One boom, "What If..." and then another firework, "I Wonder..." and then, "What about...."!   It was like my pockets were bursting at their seams, filled with ideas that I had never experienced before- nor really knew I had in me! (Those "AH-HA Moments" Ms. Oprah Winfrey speaks of.)

Pyar, Love, was there--my family was together...we traveled together...shared meals together...created stories together... And so, it was from this trip, which started on New Year's Eve, three years ago, that my dream, Pyar&Co., would begin...

My Family at the Taj Mahal

We wish you, All, a year filled with Excitement, Wonderment and Pyar.  Your kindness is truly humbling...the opportunities so many of you have granted us and the kindness you have expressed is truly beyond words.  We look forward to many more years.

                        May 2013 be filled with Love and many moments of your own Fireworks!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012