Friday, December 6, 2013

Trrims, Travels and Thanksgiving - Pure India!

Many have asked, 
"What is it like to visit the markets of India?!"
"If only I could travel with you!" Some have exclaimed.
"I can't even imagine the wonderful things you see!" 

In my recent quick trip of three fast-paced days in Dehli - I tried to capture a few of the adventures and sights to share with you-- just what I see; the traffic we encounter; and to see the many "possibilities" of So-Many-Things-Beautiful!

The Beauty of the Diwali festivities still cover the corridors of Chandni Chowk, a favorite market of mine!

Stairway to Heaven--- of Trims! 

I have told the story of the trims shop in Chandni Chowk that sparked the idea of Pyar&Co. 
I have tried to describe the narrow, spiral staircase-- secured by duct tape-- that leads to three floors of

Every step I take is one step closer to the amazing finds of TRIMS!
Bursting at the Seams in Trims!

The views cause me to pause,
simply giving THANKS for
the AMAZING views &
experiences I have been given.

Traveling through the markets via rikshaw-- I take in all the sights of the everday deliveries and on-the-go movement of a city filled with transportation from bikes to scooters; elephants to cars.  Everyone has a place to be on a road traveled by more people than it could ever have been planned for.  The movement is fast-paced yet respectful- honks are given as a warning of, "Coming through!" as the streets are not marked with lanes - it is a welcome path for everyone whether on two wheels; four wheels; two legs or four legs-- everyone has a place to be and people to see!  What a wonderful world it is!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Gushing with a bit of Gratitude for Gattle's of Ohio

Gattle's of Ohio-- Oh, Ogee!
With a little silver sparkle topped onto of a 
beautifully dressed bed, the Ladies of Gattle's know just how to say, 
Greetings from Gattle's with Pyar&Co.'s Jujubee
               Welcome Home for the Holidays!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Pyar&Co, Tota Throw and Pyar&Co. Contantine pillow accent the warm family
space of Lara Plaisance.

Have you ever wondered about the journey of your Pyar&Co. piece?

The inspiration for the Tota Throw (Tota means parrot in Hindi) came to us via Pinterest! A friend of Pyar&Co. had “pinned” a dress as an inspiration for a Pyar&Co. pillow!  We LOVED the colors- but wanted a larger “canvas" to showcase the amazing hues! And, so it was decided to do it in a throw.

Woven by hand, this throw had a story before it even left India!  The Indian gentleman, who wove the Tota Throw, has woven numerous throws during his many years as a weaver.  So, when we learned that he loved this throw so much that he made one for his daughter; we knew this throw was special!!

Shortly after we introduced this hand-woven; color-block, mohair-wool blend throw, we learned Domaine Home had named it as a TOP TEN BEST LIGHTWEIGHT THROWS! 

Beautifully crafted and one of the softest of its kind; with stories to tell. 

Have a photo and a story to share of your Pyar&Co. piece?!  Post it on FaceBook, Tag Pyar&Co.! 

 The color-blocking proportions of the  lovely, sweet hues are just the right amount of warmth all year round.  
Tota, a charming piece which is truly versatile for all seasons.

Friday, August 16, 2013

August Inspiration: Now & Then

NOW & THEN:  Let the past be shared, again and again! Creating ways to include old collections into today's collections. Who doesn't love a great find?! Whether a modern object inspired by the past or simply taking the past and placing it into a modern space - let Now & Then inspire you! Pyar&Co. has a penchant for blending traditional and contemporary design. We selected our choices of "Contemporary Archives" from a few of our favorite shops and matched with their antique counterparts. Love the options from Maison FeliceLillian AugustPeridotShop Ten 25

ONE Altus Porcelain Pug (Lillian August) TWO Ceramic Black Dogs (Maison Felice) THREE Ice Faceted Pendant (Peridot) FOUR Round Glass & Metal Pendant (Shop Ten 25) FIVE Jasper Square Jar (Lillian August) SIX Ceramic Art of Women's Clothing (Maison Felice) SEVEN Bevelled Squares Venetian Mirror (Peridot) EIGHT North Italian Overmantel Mirror (Maison Felice) NINE Vail Antler Table (Shop Ten 25) TEN Ari Side Table (Peridot)

Share your favorite find of all-time! How do you incorporate Now & Then in your decor? We want to hear all about your ways!  (And, if you will share your favorite place to find your "find" EVEN better!)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Show Us Your Love (Pyar)!

Pyar&Co. is humbled by the love our customers, partners, and friends have given. We wanted to show you a few snaps of Pyar&Co. products in their natural habitat - the homes and boutiques where they are currently residing.

We are lucky to have our products amidst friends like Scott Damrow (longtime friend from Omaha), chic boutiques like Gattle's in Cincinnati and The Linen Gallery in Omaha, and friends in the media like Tanya Christian of Real Simple and Terence Noonan (Exec. Producer of Anderson Cooper LIVE! and DC Cupcakes). We are especially thrilled to be Instagrammed by Traditional Home and PEOPLE Style Watch. And we have a soft spot for fellow entrepreneur and style setter Bethenny Frankel who has proudly displayed her Pyar&Co. Palladium pillow in her stunning TriBeCa loft.

Share your photos of where you show your Pyar&Co.! Send us your photos via FacebookInstagramEmail. Just send them! We want to feature YOU! Share the Love!
Images: 1. Terence Noonan, Executive Producer of Anderson Cooper LIVE! and DC Cupcakes // 2. Gattle's in Cincinnati // 3. Scott Damrow's daughter at The Linen Gallery in Omaha // 4. Instagram photo via PEOPLE Style Watch, similar photo also featured by Traditional Home on Instagram // 5. Bedroom of Tanya Christian, Editorial Assistant at Real Simple // 6. Bethenny Frankel's bedroom as featured in Traditional Home

Friday, June 14, 2013

June Inspiration: Tomboy Chic

Introducing a new post… Each month, we share trends we are swooning over that offer unexpected inspiration. Some of these styles may even spark a bit of inspiration for future Pyar&Co. collections!

TOMBOY CHIC: Pyar&Co. founder Paula Queen has always been a tomboy; but, she admits her love for feminine details has grown over time. While mixing vintage and modern or color and neutral is de rigeur, combining masculine and feminine touches are second nature to her. You could say she searches for balance in all things, particularly her d├ęcor. Check out some of her favorite pieces from a few shops she loves. What makes them really stand out is their contrasting materials, colors, and textures. You will find that these pieces have no boundaries-- no matter the space!

ONE Pair of Yellow Ball Lamps (Buckingham Interiors) TWO Acrylic & Hide Ottoman (Shop Ten 25) THREE Navy Lacquer Desk (Shop Ten 25) FOUR Antique Iron Crown (Buckingham Interiors) FIVE Oval Metal Rope Tray (Shop Ten 25) SIX Amaltas in Navy (Shop Ten 25) SEVEN Pink Swivel Chair (Buckingham Interiors) EIGHT Pair of Vintage Pressure Gauge Bookends (Quotient)

 What's your favorite piece? Do you have any other recommendations for Tomboy Chic decor? Share in the comments below!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Helene's House Trunk Show in Aspen March 15th!

Pyar&Co. is pleased to be part of the debut of the Silver Queen Collection in Aspen.  Owner  Ms. Christine Pfister, is not only launching this beautiful conceirge service in Aspen but also establishing Helene's House,offering a safe place for youth who are dealing with grief and loss of loved ones with trained and caring professionals. 

20% of all proceeds of the Trunk Show will be donated to Helene's House.

Pyar&Co. is honored to be selected to be one of the companies to not only be a part of the Silver Queen Collection- but most importantly to have the opportunity for Pyar&Co. to share the message of Helene's House by a the pure simplicity of sharing Pyar&Co. in many homes throughout Aspen. 

While sharing the story of the development of Helene's House,  Ms. Pfister included a quote of past playwright Tennessee Williams, "...we make our homes in the hearts of others..." 

The debut event is being held at the Hotel Jerome on Friday, March 15 from 2:00-6:00 pm. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Marketplace: Shop Ten 25

Which of Abbe's glamorous picks would you love to have in your home? We want to hear from you! Post your thoughts below!

Learn more about Abbe at Shop Ten 25 or Studio Ten 25.
shop ten 25 studio ten 25 Image Map

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Waves rolling over the shore...can you hear summer ?

To celebrate founder, Paula Queen's upcoming birthday, she has selected the Pompano pillow for today's CELEBRATED CUSHION! The Pompano will not only receive a "Birthday Price," BUT this is the first time the Pompano has been available on-line!

Sale: $195 (Retail : $290)

Sale: $200 (Retail : $295)
What is better than celebrating with family? The Pompano family: Gold; Turquoise and Silver
Sequins undulates along the Silver Pompano pillow, oferring a sense of allure and energy!