Friday, November 15, 2013

Pyar&Co, Tota Throw and Pyar&Co. Contantine pillow accent the warm family
space of Lara Plaisance.

Have you ever wondered about the journey of your Pyar&Co. piece?

The inspiration for the Tota Throw (Tota means parrot in Hindi) came to us via Pinterest! A friend of Pyar&Co. had “pinned” a dress as an inspiration for a Pyar&Co. pillow!  We LOVED the colors- but wanted a larger “canvas" to showcase the amazing hues! And, so it was decided to do it in a throw.

Woven by hand, this throw had a story before it even left India!  The Indian gentleman, who wove the Tota Throw, has woven numerous throws during his many years as a weaver.  So, when we learned that he loved this throw so much that he made one for his daughter; we knew this throw was special!!

Shortly after we introduced this hand-woven; color-block, mohair-wool blend throw, we learned Domaine Home had named it as a TOP TEN BEST LIGHTWEIGHT THROWS! 

Beautifully crafted and one of the softest of its kind; with stories to tell. 

Have a photo and a story to share of your Pyar&Co. piece?!  Post it on FaceBook, Tag Pyar&Co.! 

 The color-blocking proportions of the  lovely, sweet hues are just the right amount of warmth all year round.  
Tota, a charming piece which is truly versatile for all seasons.

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