Monday, December 31, 2012


A photo of sunset in India taken by my mom...She, too, felt the beauty of India.

It was on this evening, New Year's Eve, three years ago...I was having my nails painted...when the woman asked me, "What are your plans for this evening?"   I smiled, with a bit of disbelief and tons of excitement,
He took my hand and
our dreams came to life...Together.

                          "I'm going to India..."  

It was a journey to celebrate my recent marriage to my wonderful husband...Sumit. It was an experience that  unexpectably offered new paths for my life and my family's life-Pyar&Co.

The moments that occured on this trip are countless...What was to be simple---was striking.  I tried to take the experiences in....each moment leapt off of the smallest of elements...whether they intended to be noticed or not...I couldn't seem to gather each thought; each thread; or even a bead fast enought!  

My thoughts were like the fireworks of New Year's Eve bursting in the sky. One boom, "What If..." and then another firework, "I Wonder..." and then, "What about...."!   It was like my pockets were bursting at their seams, filled with ideas that I had never experienced before- nor really knew I had in me! (Those "AH-HA Moments" Ms. Oprah Winfrey speaks of.)

Pyar, Love, was there--my family was together...we traveled together...shared meals together...created stories together... And so, it was from this trip, which started on New Year's Eve, three years ago, that my dream, Pyar&Co., would begin...

My Family at the Taj Mahal

We wish you, All, a year filled with Excitement, Wonderment and Pyar.  Your kindness is truly humbling...the opportunities so many of you have granted us and the kindness you have expressed is truly beyond words.  We look forward to many more years.

                        May 2013 be filled with Love and many moments of your own Fireworks!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Look down...Now... Up at the camera

Recently, I received the exciting news that Pyar&Co was selected to be featured in a future issue of CS Interiors. I don't usually share...but today was an amazing and new experience that I would simply like to share a few THANK YOU's and "behind the scenes" and promise more to come!

My morning started as each wonderful morning with a young toddler does- my little boy wakes in the early; we lift the shades in his room and say, "Good Morning Chicago!!! It's Mama and Ojas!!"  And, what a Good Morning it was! Hair and make-up were done by the AMAZING Tina, of Studio 110  at 7:00am --Tina had her wisdom teeth pulled yesterday AND today was her "day off" but here she was early in the morning to make this Mama and Owner of Pyar&Co ready for her first photoshoot!  My nerves were crazy!

The shoot was held at the amazing showroom- and I mean Ah-Mazing space of Buckingham Interios + Design , between the over-sized silver crown; the fascinating yellow Caesar statue or the stunning fuchsia chairs- something needs to leave the showroom by my side!

Prepping pillows for CS Interiors photoshoot at
Buckingham Interiors + Design  Showroom
Photographer, Ms. Katrina Wittkamp, who right from our introduction let me know she is fearless with the camera and we were about to get shots that are not the typical kind (LOVE!).  It was Katrina's confidence, and no non-sense  approach, that I knew to let go of my often-overthinking ways and just go with her direction.  Immediatly, the shoes were tossed off; furniture was moving in and out; pillows were being stacked; re-stacked; removed and added.  My feet were up; my toes were pointed; my fingers were showing - for the pop of color and smiles and no smiles were being given to the camera.

Directions were called from behind the camera, "Smile!" "Laugh!" "Flirty look!" "No smile." Just looking around at the setting I found myself reflecting in what I have been doing this past year- where we have come from - the simple dream.. When Pyar&Co started, my son was four months old; our Good Morning Chicago waves- started with just Mama waving for the two of us...

The directions were given,
                                      "Look Down....."  (visions of daily grind dance through my head)
                                                   "Now--Up at the Camera!" (Is this real?)
                                                                               " Awesome shot!"  (Awesome yes; Unreal absolutely!)

I still find it unreal to grasp that the designs of these pieces, simply started thru imagination/inspiration/dreams and beyond.

Looking forward to sharing more with you in January!!

Simply Thankful.


Monday, November 12, 2012

Diwali, Festival of Lights!

Thank you to our guest blogger, Yasmine Hakim, We love collaborating with this amazing woman who is full of energy, creativity and offers a huge positive approach to her work and life! Today, Yasmin gives a little insight to the wonderful celebration that is occuring right now throughout the world- DIWALI!  Light a single candle, or as many as you like, and think of the goodness to welcome into your home!



Friday, November 9, 2012

Hello World! Let's do a little shopping!

Hello World!  Sometimes you can't hurry love- but we have all waited long enough! That's right- we're LIVE!  Let's do some shopping!
Shopping with Pyar&Co is LIVE!  

(Who better to share the news than the brand-new fabulous Pyar&Co girls!?
 More to come from these lovely ladies!)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How to Decorate White Walls | At Home With P. Allen Smith

Thank You, Ms. Julia, for including both Pyar&Co's Jadwar and Pompano pillows!  We hope they add that bit of color to many more white rooms!

Monday, October 15, 2012


Do you have a favorite Pyar&Co pillow? 

Favorite Collection? 

Who would you purchase your first Pyar&Co pillow for and for what special occasion? 

We would love to know!


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Oh, please continue Summer Season - beyond the "rules" of Labor Day! Bring on the white!

 White doesn't have to fall away!
The shock of white carrots can stand alone or add an unexpected accent with the traditional orange, so don't ditch the whites - use them to highlight fall's rich colors.

White is a perfect backdrop to let Pyar&Co's new table runners sparkle


The tiger face small bullet bowl in orange designed by Waylande Gregory Studios, sourced at Luxe Objects, or

a set of Yuma Porcelain Disc Vases, in glossy citron/matte white, can be found  at shopten25, 

are simply a few eye-catching, pieces in the season's fab colors, to add to an always pretty white table

Pyar&Co is thrilled to be included in the already stunning and fabulous finds at 
ShopTen25 and Luxe Objects! 

Image credits/copyright/links: ShopTen25 and Luxe Objects

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bilbo and Me: A Real Summer Love

A Well-Used Patch of Reading Grass
Credit: Samantha Lamb/Tumblr

Did you read anything this summer?  I sure did.  Summertime is great like that - gifting those of us who have a spare couple of hours during the day with some extra sunlight and a soft patch of green grass to lay on so that maybe we're able to take a breath and jump into an adventure.  My choice this past June? Re-reading The Hobbit (for the third time).  J.R.R. Tolkien's prelude to Frodo and the Fellowship's infamous journey always reminds me of the first time reading it: my older sister Diana and I sat in our parents' backyard, eating peanuts and drinking blue Kool Aid and found ourselves magically tied up in dragons, dwarves, and one brave little Hobbit.  That was more than a few summers ago, but with the anticipation of the first installment of the film adaptation approaching, I felt I owed Mr.  Bilbo Baggins a visit.  I traveled from Bag End to the Lonely Mountain and back this June!
 What was your summer adventure?

Monday, August 27, 2012

New York, New Friends

We are proud to say that, while in New York, we had the pleasure of meeting the great mind behind blog Made by Girl - Jen Ramos.  What a fantastic honor it was to have also been included in the list of NYIGF products that caught her eye.  Pyar&Co. thanks you so much, Jen!

Friday, August 24, 2012

A Novel Idea

Smythson Large Floppy Manuscript Book/Barneys New York

Watching the children of the neighborhood march down the street, decked in gold and navy hues, pleats and buttoned blazers has us yearning for the days when we'd beg mom to write our names in her elegantly classic script on the crisp covers of our black and white speckled notebooks. Although those days are long gone, why not treat ourselves to some grown up school supplies, like Smythson's Manuscript book? The oversized pages are cradled between the poppy-colored leather binding, inspiring us to finally begin working on the next great novel, or maybe even help us transform our mundane notes and to-do lists into a flowery, Fitzgeraldesque description of a modern day working girl!

Friday, August 17, 2012

NYIGF Preparations

To fall in love with a place is one of life’s most unique pleasures. It happens when a stranger smiles warmly at you across the street, finding yourself less a tourist, even when the camera hangs comfortably around the neck. It happens when you enter the neighborhood bakery, the petite, lovely owner asking for your name as she hands you a loaf of French bread - so good, you forget you are not in Paris. But above all, we find ourselves falling in love with a place while the anecdotes and visions that have twirled in our minds over our voyage synchronize to the experiences we are living outright. This is the moment when the excitement we fantasized about finally turns into reality.

Anna Bond/Rifle Paper Co.

For Pyar & Co., the road to the New York International Gift Fair has been chaotic, with our team finding distinct lessons to pack in our valises, alongside our well-planned outfits and comfortable, yet fashionable shoes. However, as our team finally departs from our Chicago headquarters to the shimmering land of New York, we are as sparkly, vibrant and lively as our pillows!

A box of pillows is a lot heavier than you'd think!

Each box lifted down flights of stairs, each letter carefully addressed and stamped, each pillow carefully dressed to meet its new owner, all tangible contributions adding a wholesome notch onto the thermometer chart, bringing us closer and closer to full New York preparation. Eager to turn our hard work into lasting memories, our team curiously awaits meeting the names we have come to recognize from the hours of fulfilling research. Those names are transforming from abstract into faces that will become our life-long friends. The cosmopolitan backdrop to our success, New York will prove to be a worthy snapshot in the Pyar & Co. scrapbook.

New York, Pyar & Co's ready to take you by storm!

Friday, August 10, 2012

A Date with Alex Berlin

If any of you have ever been to Jayson Home & Garden here in Chicago, you’ll know it’s a special place for special things.  To get lost in this expansive menagerie of the unique is easy and pleasurable.  We were set to meet blogger and interior designer Alex Berlin of Things That Sparkle for the first time here and sure enough we ended up wandering around searching for one another, unsure of what the other would look like.  And finally, in the sun room next to a glowing vintage yellow chair (shag and all) the modern Alex stood.  She laughed and said it was like we were on a blind date together. But our time together was anything but awkward.     
"When I post about things like fashion, I try to keep within my general asthetic so that way, even when I’m not posting about interior design necessarily, they know what my taste is."

If you aren’t already familiar with her blog, Alex possesses a special way of weaving in and out of life’s fun and carefree times, all the while sharing her deeper thoughts on success and the constant strive for happiness.  Nothing overstated, nothing too flashy, just the things that are on her mind, the things that make her smile, and the thoughts she has along the way. 

Things That Sparkle reached a new level of blogger success due to a crafty Nutella recipe, and Alex Berlin Design was the proof that passion is probably the most important ingredient for success in our work lives. 

"With [Alex Berlin Design], I am ok with the lines being blurred because I love it so much. When I have to work until 10 o’clock on a Saturday night, I’m ok with it."

As we strolled around Jayson, the easy gentle nature of Alex unfolded into the wise insights of a genuine woman allowing herself to enjoy the life she’s living and the work she’s doing.   

Alex Berlin on switching careers:
This is what would have happened: I probably would have stayed in [marketing]. I wasn’t bad at it. It was a very safe place for me. I think my job would have been something I kept very separate from my personal life in order to be happy. With [blogging], I am okay with the lines being blurred because I love it so much. When I have to work until 10 o’clock on a Saturday night, I’m okay with it. There’s something very fulfilling about doing what you love. It seems like a given, but really finding something you feel passionate about and that feeds your soul - there’s nothing better.

“There’s something very fulfilling about doing what you love. It seems like a given, but really finding something you’re passionate about feeds your soul. There’s nothing better.”– Alex Berlin

Alex Berlin on taking risks:
I’m not inherently a risk taker, at all. Quitting my job – I never, ever, thought I would do something like that – I applied to 20 schools [for college]. I like options, I like things planned out. I graduated in four years when all my friends stayed at Boulder for six years. I had a job that started two days after my graduation. I don’t like things to be unstable. With that said, I think quitting my job and turning down that job in marketing was the first time I’ve ever stirred the pot. I won’t say I enjoyed it – it was really scary and I felt unstable – but it pushed me to do this.

"I think having my house published in Chicago Magazine was by far the biggest thing. For a designer to be published in a tangible magazine, it was really amazing. And it was my own house. A project is amazing, but my own house was the very first thing I ever did."

On childhood influence:
My parents both have a really great interior design eye. Neither of them are designers. I always wanted to be involved in their decorating stuff. Even as a kid they both would include me in the process. I think that was really my first sort of interaction with design. When I started going to school and I was doing a full architectural floor plan, they were like “Oh, this is not [just] choosing paint colors.” And there is nothing wrong with choosing paint colors! To be honest, that’s my favorite part of the job. But it made sense to them then why I was going to school for a year and a half. I wasn’t going for just color theory classes. I was going to implement and understand [design].

On blogging:
I opened a Blogger account and hit publish. After a year and a half I decided that I should do it. I didn’t realize how impactful blogging was for a long time. At first, I was really private: I never used my name, I never posted a picture, I never said where I lived. And no one wants to read that. You can’t identify with it, you can’t understand the voice behind what you’re reading. There are parts of it that make me really uncomfortable, and there are parts of it that I’m ready and willing to embrace. I just kind of find a place I feel comfortable in.

"The more original content you have, the better off you are. Pinterest has pushed that on people and it has taken blogging to the next level."-Alex Berlin

Thursday, August 2, 2012

An Urban Oasis

Like a bustling green oasis nestled within a vast urban terrain, the Green City Market of Downtown Lincoln Park was a welcome sight. 
“We see mostly the same people. We talk about how their week was and what they are looking for this week.” – Walter from Granor Farms
On the brink of our own market debut at the New York International Gift Fair, a trip to India wasn’t a viable option.  So, there we stood: breathing in deep, drinking in the organic inspiration of veteran marketers.   

The crowd swirled and folded around each vendor hoping for a glimpse of the unique and the fresh.  The farmers didn’t boast of their hard work or push the benefits of their hormone-free, pure fruits and vegetables.  They stood quietly behind their work, letting the vibrant greens, reds, and full flesh speak for itself.
“I’m absolutely in love with being here. I love showing people and feeding people local, healthy food.” – Paula Jermias, Market Manager of an independent farm in Urbana, IL.
 “Sometimes it just doesn’t work out,” we were told by vendor, Zach Harris.  And yet here he was and there he would be each day after, confident in his purpose and his ability.  Harris was tanned with strong hands.  He spoke plainly and we understood the value of his words. 

Green City Market had an essence about it, a transformative power.  By pairing the patrons with something special and desired, it found searching, hopeful faces and turned them satisfied and smiling.  And then there was gratitude.  Gratitude for the process, for the appreciation, for the mutual creation of happiness.  We look forward to just such a place while we prepare for New York. 

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Sunny Sign of Karma

Kiehl's Vital Sun Protection SPF 30 Sunscreen/Nordstroms
Paying it forward is my favorite type of sharing. It also happened to be the way I fell in love with Kiehl’s Vital Sun Protection Lotion! I was sitting at an outdoor concert and after realizing my sunblock from earlier was long gone, I went into my purse to find my fix for a reapplication. After I exclaimed (rather loudly) that extra sunblock did not make it into my purse, the kind-faced woman sitting next to me gently tapped on my tender-red shoulder and handed me this. This gracious gift not only prevented my exposed shoulder from being burnt to a crisp, it left my skin looking and feeling replenished for the rest of the night. Safe to say, I went out and bought two the next day: one for daily use and an extra to spread the love!

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Fluff - You're #1!

Watching the Olympic coverage (and those great P&G commercials) has made us recognize that we couldn't do it all without the help from our supporters (and families!). Today, Pyar & Co. is wondering:

Who is your #1 supporter?

Paula Queen with her husband, Sumit, her father, Duane, and her son, Ojas after winning for her age group in the Naperville Triathalon.

The S Collection: Threads of Thought

Each piece within the S Collection includes at least one detail, whether subtle or great, inspired directly by the rich culture and traditions of a woman who dances with the grace of the butterfly in flight, who exemplifies pure elegance adorned in a hushed lavender sari. This woman always carries a confidence about her, a confidence founded by the strength of the women that came before her, those who remain just as glamorous, strong, and wise for her as now as they did in years past. She is the woman who inspired the S Collection, my newly-gained sister - Shalini. 
The natural beauty of each woman exudes from the depths of her being, extending well beyond the dashing and swaying of her sari’s pallu. She is glamorous and represents the native Indian women who have come before her. With pen in hand, each design’s moment of creation looks to me like music notes on a sheet, waiting to come to life. It is in this moment where I first realized that each part of the process emerges as a symphony, the finale ringing out, a last touch like an ornamental bindi.
Shalini and I would talk and share as sisters do, and one day I spoke of my dream: Pyar & Co. pillows, and all the finely styled home accessories to grace homes and shops throughout the country. Someday, the word Pyar would be spoken and understood as strongly as it is felt. As we sat together one evening and contemplated the name Pyar & Co., Shalini offered “Pure Love. Pure Luxury,” and I knew that no translation was needed.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Team Pyar & Co.

We are you. We are us. We are a product of ambition, of perseverance, and of the pursuit to create something greater than ourselves. We are not the Olympians of the London Olympics 2012.  We are the women of Pyar & Co. on the brink of our own moment.  

"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate."
- Oprah Winfrey
For us that moment is our grand entrance at NYIGF. Our presence will scream, "I am here! I represent each of you and the dreams I have had, the dreams you have had! I will make you proud!" In our own Opening Ceremony, we will take on the duty, the opportunity to represent all teams we belong to: Team USA, Team India, Team Woman, Team Mom, Team Daughter, Team Independence. 

We have trained hard, sacrificed many moments to achieve our dream, to make those we represent proud. To show those who have invested in us that we are worth it. We are filled with glory, not just the glory of our own achievements. Our glory is crowned with those who have helped us achieve and keep reaching for the potential to do greater and greater. Just as the Olympians pass the torch to light up the Opening Ceremony, our teams have passed the torch with our greatest supporters providing the fire that makes the spectacle something people cannot help but watch, admire. 

Dieter Braun/myMzone

For those who we are meeting, competing with, for the first time, this is also a time to put it all out there. They have not seen our hard work, our training. All that matters to them is how we perform on the floor.

In New York, in London, cultures will mesh on the floor. Everyone enjoying the gifts, the stories, the hard work they've done. We will appreciate how far we have gotten in the race, and how far we will go.
Olympic Vintage T - Gap
Heather Grey (left)
Blue Heather (right)

We are Team Pyar & Co., and we hungrily anticipate not the thunderous applause of millions, but rather the heartfelt, humbled claps we will give to one another when we achieve our goal as one. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Fluff - Summer Excursions

Sharing our magical excursion to the carnival last week has left us itching with wanderlust. Whether it's a weekend spent at your family's cabin in the Adirondacks, swimming on a private beach in Saint-Tropez, or reading a book in your backyard hammock, this week Pyar & Co. asks you:

"What's your favorite summer excursion?"

Tossa de Mar/VRoig

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Pop of Plum

Yves Saints Laurent/Net-A-Porter
Pyar & Co. loves a pop of color wherever we can find it! Begin your fall shopping with these dreamy plum Yves Saint Laurent booties, they are sure to perfect every outfit.

Get Your Glitter On!

Malene Birger/Net-A-Porter
These Malene Birger gold and nude metallic jacquard pants are fierce and perfect for a dinner date with girlfriends. Pyar & Co. loves them paired with a crème silk tank and a pair of nude heeled sandals.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Carnival's in Town!

As many are enjoying all the great aspects of summer- countless visits to the beach, gatherings with friends and family, get-aways for a some much deserved R&R; at Pyar & Co, our summer is filled with preparing for exhibiting at our first market- the New York International Gift Fair (NYIGF) beginning August 19th, 2012.
By Brent Moore from Smyrna, TN (Carnival Ride)
A recent visit to a carnival took us back to childhood memories stemming from days of county fairs, reminding us why, as children, we spent so much time (and allowance money!) at these events. Whether it's neighborhood festivals or city markets these places near and far that remind us of the many wonders of growing up and how quickly those summer days pass…

It’s quite interesting to think the carnival community served not only as entertainment but also  an introduction to a different, distinct culture: a child’s version of a new “world.”  With multitudes of different scents floating through the air including spiced, fried, grilled, even pickled options, from booth- to-booth the tastes offered were beyond imagination.  Each ride danced with radiant lights and music that seemed to create a dream-like allure for at least a country mile, from each “winnable” neon-colored prize adding temptation to take on the challenge. The experience was a mini-vacation to an exotic land in itself.

Photo from Brian Gurrola/Flicker

Before the cotton candy machine stops spinning its soft, lustrous, finely spun particles of sweetness, we would like to share with you some of Pyar & Co.’s favorite ways to feel that childlike excitement and awe while keeping the warmth of the summer-spirit year round in your own home:
Technicolor Daydream Cube - Posh Living
The Carnival Concoction - Albert Almondia - Fine Art America
Kissing Booth Handprinted Letterpress Poster -  Roll and Tumble Press
Azalea Leopard Rug - Posh Living
Ber Pillow - Pyar & Co.
Nouvel Studios Small Osaka Bowl - Barneys New York
Kartell Cindy Table Lamp -  Barneys New York

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ipanema Dreaming

We just can't stop. When we start, we'll go on for hours and hours. Of course, we're talking about the wonderful crooner Astrud Gilberto. 


Known as the voice behind "The Girl from Ipanema," her silky voice has us dreaming of bronzing on an azure colored deck while the sounds of the Ocean crash below us. Although we're too busy to take a glamorous South American vacation right now, we'll settle to listening to "Non-Stop To Brazil." Maybe we'll have the man in our life make us a swanky cocktail too...

 Jeff Belmonte/Cuiabá, Brazil (Mirante do Leblon)

A 'Blue Print' You Can Follow

The Blue Print Blog

If something makes us laugh and is colorful, our team usually likes it! That's why The Blue Print Blog from The Blue Print store of Collin's Interiors is something we're gushing about this week. With colorful blog posts like "Shut the Front Door!" and the fabulously vintage-like pictures from their Mad Men party, it's hard to not want to be these wonderful, stylish designers!

Bonus: We also have adopted their "Words for the Weekend" post from this week (Live Your Life on Purpose) as our motto for this stressful weekend!