Friday, December 6, 2013

Trrims, Travels and Thanksgiving - Pure India!

Many have asked, 
"What is it like to visit the markets of India?!"
"If only I could travel with you!" Some have exclaimed.
"I can't even imagine the wonderful things you see!" 

In my recent quick trip of three fast-paced days in Dehli - I tried to capture a few of the adventures and sights to share with you-- just what I see; the traffic we encounter; and to see the many "possibilities" of So-Many-Things-Beautiful!

The Beauty of the Diwali festivities still cover the corridors of Chandni Chowk, a favorite market of mine!

Stairway to Heaven--- of Trims! 

I have told the story of the trims shop in Chandni Chowk that sparked the idea of Pyar&Co. 
I have tried to describe the narrow, spiral staircase-- secured by duct tape-- that leads to three floors of

Every step I take is one step closer to the amazing finds of TRIMS!
Bursting at the Seams in Trims!

The views cause me to pause,
simply giving THANKS for
the AMAZING views &
experiences I have been given.

Traveling through the markets via rikshaw-- I take in all the sights of the everday deliveries and on-the-go movement of a city filled with transportation from bikes to scooters; elephants to cars.  Everyone has a place to be on a road traveled by more people than it could ever have been planned for.  The movement is fast-paced yet respectful- honks are given as a warning of, "Coming through!" as the streets are not marked with lanes - it is a welcome path for everyone whether on two wheels; four wheels; two legs or four legs-- everyone has a place to be and people to see!  What a wonderful world it is!