Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bilbo and Me: A Real Summer Love

A Well-Used Patch of Reading Grass
Credit: Samantha Lamb/Tumblr

Did you read anything this summer?  I sure did.  Summertime is great like that - gifting those of us who have a spare couple of hours during the day with some extra sunlight and a soft patch of green grass to lay on so that maybe we're able to take a breath and jump into an adventure.  My choice this past June? Re-reading The Hobbit (for the third time).  J.R.R. Tolkien's prelude to Frodo and the Fellowship's infamous journey always reminds me of the first time reading it: my older sister Diana and I sat in our parents' backyard, eating peanuts and drinking blue Kool Aid and found ourselves magically tied up in dragons, dwarves, and one brave little Hobbit.  That was more than a few summers ago, but with the anticipation of the first installment of the film adaptation approaching, I felt I owed Mr.  Bilbo Baggins a visit.  I traveled from Bag End to the Lonely Mountain and back this June!
 What was your summer adventure?

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