Thursday, August 2, 2012

An Urban Oasis

Like a bustling green oasis nestled within a vast urban terrain, the Green City Market of Downtown Lincoln Park was a welcome sight. 
“We see mostly the same people. We talk about how their week was and what they are looking for this week.” – Walter from Granor Farms
On the brink of our own market debut at the New York International Gift Fair, a trip to India wasn’t a viable option.  So, there we stood: breathing in deep, drinking in the organic inspiration of veteran marketers.   

The crowd swirled and folded around each vendor hoping for a glimpse of the unique and the fresh.  The farmers didn’t boast of their hard work or push the benefits of their hormone-free, pure fruits and vegetables.  They stood quietly behind their work, letting the vibrant greens, reds, and full flesh speak for itself.
“I’m absolutely in love with being here. I love showing people and feeding people local, healthy food.” – Paula Jermias, Market Manager of an independent farm in Urbana, IL.
 “Sometimes it just doesn’t work out,” we were told by vendor, Zach Harris.  And yet here he was and there he would be each day after, confident in his purpose and his ability.  Harris was tanned with strong hands.  He spoke plainly and we understood the value of his words. 

Green City Market had an essence about it, a transformative power.  By pairing the patrons with something special and desired, it found searching, hopeful faces and turned them satisfied and smiling.  And then there was gratitude.  Gratitude for the process, for the appreciation, for the mutual creation of happiness.  We look forward to just such a place while we prepare for New York. 

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