Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Sunny Sign of Karma

Kiehl's Vital Sun Protection SPF 30 Sunscreen/Nordstroms
Paying it forward is my favorite type of sharing. It also happened to be the way I fell in love with Kiehl’s Vital Sun Protection Lotion! I was sitting at an outdoor concert and after realizing my sunblock from earlier was long gone, I went into my purse to find my fix for a reapplication. After I exclaimed (rather loudly) that extra sunblock did not make it into my purse, the kind-faced woman sitting next to me gently tapped on my tender-red shoulder and handed me this. This gracious gift not only prevented my exposed shoulder from being burnt to a crisp, it left my skin looking and feeling replenished for the rest of the night. Safe to say, I went out and bought two the next day: one for daily use and an extra to spread the love!

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