Friday, July 27, 2012

Team Pyar & Co.

We are you. We are us. We are a product of ambition, of perseverance, and of the pursuit to create something greater than ourselves. We are not the Olympians of the London Olympics 2012.  We are the women of Pyar & Co. on the brink of our own moment.  

"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate."
- Oprah Winfrey
For us that moment is our grand entrance at NYIGF. Our presence will scream, "I am here! I represent each of you and the dreams I have had, the dreams you have had! I will make you proud!" In our own Opening Ceremony, we will take on the duty, the opportunity to represent all teams we belong to: Team USA, Team India, Team Woman, Team Mom, Team Daughter, Team Independence. 

We have trained hard, sacrificed many moments to achieve our dream, to make those we represent proud. To show those who have invested in us that we are worth it. We are filled with glory, not just the glory of our own achievements. Our glory is crowned with those who have helped us achieve and keep reaching for the potential to do greater and greater. Just as the Olympians pass the torch to light up the Opening Ceremony, our teams have passed the torch with our greatest supporters providing the fire that makes the spectacle something people cannot help but watch, admire. 

Dieter Braun/myMzone

For those who we are meeting, competing with, for the first time, this is also a time to put it all out there. They have not seen our hard work, our training. All that matters to them is how we perform on the floor.

In New York, in London, cultures will mesh on the floor. Everyone enjoying the gifts, the stories, the hard work they've done. We will appreciate how far we have gotten in the race, and how far we will go.
Olympic Vintage T - Gap
Heather Grey (left)
Blue Heather (right)

We are Team Pyar & Co., and we hungrily anticipate not the thunderous applause of millions, but rather the heartfelt, humbled claps we will give to one another when we achieve our goal as one. 

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