Monday, July 30, 2012

The S Collection: Threads of Thought

Each piece within the S Collection includes at least one detail, whether subtle or great, inspired directly by the rich culture and traditions of a woman who dances with the grace of the butterfly in flight, who exemplifies pure elegance adorned in a hushed lavender sari. This woman always carries a confidence about her, a confidence founded by the strength of the women that came before her, those who remain just as glamorous, strong, and wise for her as now as they did in years past. She is the woman who inspired the S Collection, my newly-gained sister - Shalini. 
The natural beauty of each woman exudes from the depths of her being, extending well beyond the dashing and swaying of her sari’s pallu. She is glamorous and represents the native Indian women who have come before her. With pen in hand, each design’s moment of creation looks to me like music notes on a sheet, waiting to come to life. It is in this moment where I first realized that each part of the process emerges as a symphony, the finale ringing out, a last touch like an ornamental bindi.
Shalini and I would talk and share as sisters do, and one day I spoke of my dream: Pyar & Co. pillows, and all the finely styled home accessories to grace homes and shops throughout the country. Someday, the word Pyar would be spoken and understood as strongly as it is felt. As we sat together one evening and contemplated the name Pyar & Co., Shalini offered “Pure Love. Pure Luxury,” and I knew that no translation was needed.

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