Friday, August 17, 2012

NYIGF Preparations

To fall in love with a place is one of life’s most unique pleasures. It happens when a stranger smiles warmly at you across the street, finding yourself less a tourist, even when the camera hangs comfortably around the neck. It happens when you enter the neighborhood bakery, the petite, lovely owner asking for your name as she hands you a loaf of French bread - so good, you forget you are not in Paris. But above all, we find ourselves falling in love with a place while the anecdotes and visions that have twirled in our minds over our voyage synchronize to the experiences we are living outright. This is the moment when the excitement we fantasized about finally turns into reality.

Anna Bond/Rifle Paper Co.

For Pyar & Co., the road to the New York International Gift Fair has been chaotic, with our team finding distinct lessons to pack in our valises, alongside our well-planned outfits and comfortable, yet fashionable shoes. However, as our team finally departs from our Chicago headquarters to the shimmering land of New York, we are as sparkly, vibrant and lively as our pillows!

A box of pillows is a lot heavier than you'd think!

Each box lifted down flights of stairs, each letter carefully addressed and stamped, each pillow carefully dressed to meet its new owner, all tangible contributions adding a wholesome notch onto the thermometer chart, bringing us closer and closer to full New York preparation. Eager to turn our hard work into lasting memories, our team curiously awaits meeting the names we have come to recognize from the hours of fulfilling research. Those names are transforming from abstract into faces that will become our life-long friends. The cosmopolitan backdrop to our success, New York will prove to be a worthy snapshot in the Pyar & Co. scrapbook.

New York, Pyar & Co's ready to take you by storm!

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