Thursday, September 6, 2012

Oh, please continue Summer Season - beyond the "rules" of Labor Day! Bring on the white!

 White doesn't have to fall away!
The shock of white carrots can stand alone or add an unexpected accent with the traditional orange, so don't ditch the whites - use them to highlight fall's rich colors.

White is a perfect backdrop to let Pyar&Co's new table runners sparkle


The tiger face small bullet bowl in orange designed by Waylande Gregory Studios, sourced at Luxe Objects, or

a set of Yuma Porcelain Disc Vases, in glossy citron/matte white, can be found  at shopten25, 

are simply a few eye-catching, pieces in the season's fab colors, to add to an always pretty white table

Pyar&Co is thrilled to be included in the already stunning and fabulous finds at 
ShopTen25 and Luxe Objects! 

Image credits/copyright/links: ShopTen25 and Luxe Objects

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