Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Look down...Now... Up at the camera

Recently, I received the exciting news that Pyar&Co was selected to be featured in a future issue of CS Interiors. I don't usually share...but today was an amazing and new experience that I would simply like to share a few THANK YOU's and "behind the scenes" and promise more to come!

My morning started as each wonderful morning with a young toddler does- my little boy wakes in the early; we lift the shades in his room and say, "Good Morning Chicago!!! It's Mama and Ojas!!"  And, what a Good Morning it was! Hair and make-up were done by the AMAZING Tina, of Studio 110  at 7:00am --Tina had her wisdom teeth pulled yesterday AND today was her "day off" but here she was early in the morning to make this Mama and Owner of Pyar&Co ready for her first photoshoot!  My nerves were crazy!

The shoot was held at the amazing showroom- and I mean Ah-Mazing space of Buckingham Interios + Design , between the over-sized silver crown; the fascinating yellow Caesar statue or the stunning fuchsia chairs- something needs to leave the showroom by my side!

Prepping pillows for CS Interiors photoshoot at
Buckingham Interiors + Design  Showroom
Photographer, Ms. Katrina Wittkamp, who right from our introduction let me know she is fearless with the camera and we were about to get shots that are not the typical kind (LOVE!).  It was Katrina's confidence, and no non-sense  approach, that I knew to let go of my often-overthinking ways and just go with her direction.  Immediatly, the shoes were tossed off; furniture was moving in and out; pillows were being stacked; re-stacked; removed and added.  My feet were up; my toes were pointed; my fingers were showing - for the pop of color and smiles and no smiles were being given to the camera.

Directions were called from behind the camera, "Smile!" "Laugh!" "Flirty look!" "No smile." Just looking around at the setting I found myself reflecting in what I have been doing this past year- where we have come from - the simple dream.. When Pyar&Co started, my son was four months old; our Good Morning Chicago waves- started with just Mama waving for the two of us...

The directions were given,
                                      "Look Down....."  (visions of daily grind dance through my head)
                                                   "Now--Up at the Camera!" (Is this real?)
                                                                               " Awesome shot!"  (Awesome yes; Unreal absolutely!)

I still find it unreal to grasp that the designs of these pieces, simply started thru imagination/inspiration/dreams and beyond.

Looking forward to sharing more with you in January!!

Simply Thankful.


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